Referee assignments will be posted on RefTownIf you do not already have an account on RefTown, please be sure to register as a new user if you decide to become a MISOA referee.

MISOA utilizes a streaming process to match referees to assigned games.  With input from senior officials, assignors, assessors and evaluation feedback, the Commissioner and the Board, stream referees set ranks using the criteria below. 

Criteria utilized in considering the level of assignment include:

A special note about assignments for referees new to MISOA :

A referee that is new to MISOA and that has not been active in recent years as a soccer official should plan on receiving most of their assignments in the sub-varsity level.  Varsity assignments are reserved for referees who have proven themselves at this level.  A referee who has been actively working for other soccer organizations should provide us with a letter of recommendation to be considered for Varsity assignments.  This is not necessary if we already have an understanding of your capability as a soccer official.

Generally, referees new to MISOA are assigned to work with experienced MISOA referees in the dual system in a league game or in one of the Jamborees in the first 1-4 weeks of the season.  We also have an evaluation program.  We do our best to evaluate referees new to MISOA during the early part of the season, however there are no guarantees we will be able to evaluate everyone.  All feedback we receive will be considered for future assignments.