Referee Participation Options

There are three different referee "categories" - FULL, STUDENT and PARTIAL.

Referees opting for FULL PARTICIPATION, must be over the age of 18 (OSAA requirement), meet all training and testing requirements and plan to work games during the entire fall season. Members in good standing can expect a full assignment schedule, based on their ability, experience, fitness and availability. Games will be pre-assigned by the Commissioner and self-assignment feature will be activated on assignment website. Those will a FULL membership are also eligible for playoff games, although there is no guarantee of assignments in the playoff season. In addition to the OSAA fee, the MISOA fee is $25/year.

STUDENT PARTICIPATION is for those referees between the age of 18 and 25 who are attending school and may only work a part of the season, or on a very limited basis. They must meet all training and testing requirements and will be given full consideration in the games pre-assigned by the Commissioner based on their availability. In addition to the OSAA fee, the MISOA fee is $15/year.

PARTIAL PARTICIPATION is for those referees who live outside the MISOA service area and who are current paid members of another NFHS affiliated high school soccer officials association. These members may work or travel into our service area and want to pick up games that become available. Typically, these members will not be included in the initial assignments made by the Commissioner, but will “fill-in” as needed. Assignments will be made by the Commissioner and by self-assign. Assignments will only be made with permission of the referee’s local association. Playoff assignments are possible in the first and second rounds, priority will go to Full and Student members. In addition to the OSAA (or other applicable association fee), the MISOA fee is $20/year.

Other Fees/Charges

All referees must register on the OSAA website (through Arbiter) and pay the required fee (appx. $67.00). All games fees, not including mileage, will be assessed a 7% commissioner’s fee and a 1% association fee. This fee is consistent with other soccer official’s organizations across the state. Fees cover the cost of liability insurance, OSAA/OAOA membership, rule books, badges, and background checks, training expenses, educational materials, facility rental, website fees, and various other expenses.

Note: All fees are subject to change. The fees are taken out of your checks, so there is no out of pocket expense