Referee Fees & Payments

Referee Fees for the 2023 Fall Season

JV/JV2 Games - amount varies depending on classification (1A-6A)

Varsity Games - amount varies depending on classification (1A-6A)

Referee Payments

Note: All referees are required to submit an online game report for each game they are assigned to work before being paid.  No game report = No payment. 

Other Fees/Charges

All referees must register on the OSAA website (through Arbiter) and pay the required fee (appx. $67.00).  All games fees, not including mileage, will be assessed a 7% commissioner’s fee and a 1% association fee. This fee is consistent with other soccer official’s organizations across the state. Fees cover the cost of liability insurance, OSAA/OAOA membership, rule books, badges, and background checks, training expenses, educational materials, facility rental, website fees, and various other expenses.

Note:  All fees are subject to change.  The fees are taken out of your checks, so there is no out of pocket expense