Referee Fees & Payments

Referee Fees for the 2022 Fall Season

JV/JV2 Games - amount varies depending on classification (1A-6A)

  • Solo (one ref) - $57 - $63

  • Dual System - $42 - $50

Varsity Games - amount varies depending on classification (1A-6A)

  • Diagonal Center = $76 - $87

  • Diagonal AR = $47 - $54

  • Dual System = $59 - $71

Referee Payments

  • Are made the first part of October for games completed and reported in September and then again the first part of November for October games

  • Referees working playoff games will be paid after the championship games are completed

  • Referees paid through Oregon Soccer Central Pay Program, most choose Direct Deposit, there is no charge for that service.

  • If a check is preferred, a $5/check fee will be subtracted from the total payment

  • Checks will be mailed to the address indicated on the individual referee’s profile page located on Oregon Soccer Central

Note: All referees are required to submit an online game report for each game they are assigned to work before being paid. No game report = No payment.

Referee Pay Table is updated yearly and is located on the Oregon Soccer Central website on the Organization page.